Don’t Lose Friendship this Christmas – Last-Minute Gifts Ideas for Lazy and Indecisive Shoppers!

Gifts Ideas for Lazy

A friend of mine working in an Auckland based web design company sends me holiday cards at Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Each card is personally designed (what’s the point in being website designer) and professionally printed. Even if I were to make the wildest of estimates, he would need to start as early as August, so as to design, print and deliver the cards on time.

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Christmas festivities have begun and people like mine friend are already done with sending cards and gifts to their friends and relatives. However, not every one of us is quite meticulous in his approach and if you are one of those guys like me who remain indecisive until the last moments, you need some last minute shopping spree.

Here’re some great gifts for last-minute Christmas shoppers:

Gift Cards at the Drug Store

Gift Cards at the Drug Store - StarlinksFortunately, many drug stores have a large tower of ready to post gift cards. Even more fortunately, the local drug store gift cards tower comprise of cards for all occasions. These cards come in various aesthetic designs and themes and you can simply post them to your buddies at the 11th hour.

Electronic Gift Cards


Electronic Gift Cards

Too lazy to even visit a local drug store, don’t worry we got you covered here. If you are one of those lazy souls who can’t even visit the local drug store, go on with an electronic gift card. In fact, there are various printable electronic cards which you can print at home. Luckily, most retailers dealing with physical cards also stock some aesthetically designed electronic cards ready to be printed and delivered.

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Many big retailers like Amazon, Mighty Ape, and Walmart also offers a comprehensive range of e-cards. You can simply order an e-card delivery to your buddies address through these giants; so you don’t even need to visit the postal office.

Reminder: Check-out on the delivery date for an e-card. You don’t want miss the Christmas occasion right? Some large retailers offer you delivery schedule, so be thoughtful of the delivery date and time.

Google Credit:

Google Credit

Rather to the dismay of many customers, Google for some weird reason recalled its service for Play Store credit transfer. People around the world used to send the Google Play Credit transfer as a token of friendship and respect to their buddies and family. This credit amount can be used to buy any app, hardware or movies etc. over the Google Play Store.

Nonetheless, if you have missed out on earlier Christmas gift planning and looking to transfer some Google store credit to your buddies you can still do it through PayPal. The company is offering service under the banner of “Digital Gifts” and all you need to have is a functional PayPal account to avail the facility.

Physical Gifts can be on the cards as well

Ok, all of us have those special buddies and loved ones for whom we want more than gift cards. Fortunately, there is even possibility of last-minute delivery of physical gifts other than cards. Retailers like Amazon has already started Prime 1 Hour delivery service at some limited metropolitan areas in the US. Though, this comes with an additional fee of $8.

So, you can check out the delivery areas for the prime 1 Hour delivery at Amazon and if you are lucky enough, you can opt for a last-minute gift delivery for your best buddies.

Wrapping Up:

Gifts are the best way to express your love, respect, and admiration to friends, family and loved ones. Occasions like Christmas are ideally suited to remember your loved ones with some special gifts. Fortunately, the technological advancement has enabled thousands of last-minute shoppers like me to be able to order a gift delivery through various means. So, go on and show your loved one the admiration and respect they deserve with these smart and fast gift delivery ideas.


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