Celebrating Christmas the Kiwi Way!

Celebrating Christmas the Kiwi Way! Starlinks web design auckland

December has started and so is the excitement towards the road to Christmas.

People all around the world are preparing for a blessed and blissful Christmas gathering with their friends and loved ones.

Christmas is one of the biggest occasion observed around the world. Each country has its own culture and traditions associated with Christmas celebrations.

Like everywhere around the world, Christmas is celebrated with passion and blessing in New Zealand.

The amazing island nation observes occasion of Christmas much like it’s far relative from the history; the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. You will find Christmas trees, stockings, carols, Santa Clause and much more.

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The traditional Christmas parties in New Zealand revolves around summer time BBQ flips, beach parties, and adventurous outdoor activities.

If you are willing to spend this year Christmas holidays backpacking or visiting family or friends in New Zealand, here’s how you can maximize your experience in the tiny island of exotic natural beauty.

Prepare Some Christmas Presents:

Prepare Some Christmas Presents

Just like anywhere else in the world, the Christmas presents are wrapped in colorful and festive papers in the land of Kiwis.

The gifts are placed under well-decorated Christmas trees and opened in the morning. So, start collecting some exquisite gift items to present to your friends or family.

Don’t Forget the Christmas Tree:

Don’t Forget the Christmas tree

In the Kiwi Land, there are two different types of Christmas trees; Pine tree and the Pohutukawa tree.

The first type of tree is usually an artificial representation of tree which is used to decorate outside of homes, while the latter one is a traditional Kiwi tree that blossoms with red flowers at Christmas time.

The Pohutukawa tree is native to coastal areas of North Island, where it holds a special place for Christmas representation.

The Christmas Festival:

The Christmas Festival 2017 - Starlinks

In the kiwi land, Christmas is a three-day celebration starting from the eve of 24th December till 26th December.

The 24th December is the time of Mass gathering at the Church, whereas, the Christmas Day (25th December) is the day of family gathering and dinner.

The next day (26th December) is usually taken as the extension time which is usually spent with friends or family. Usually, families go out for some shopping extravaganza on 26th December; there’s a lot of stores offering sale at this time of year.

Don’t Forget the Beach Party:

Don’t Forget the Beach Party

Much like its bigger neighbors, Australians; kiwis love to hang over the beach party on Christmas evening.

BBQ parties at the beach have been a Kiwi tradition for quite some time and you don’t want to miss the fun for sure. Plan a great outing with friends or family at one of the many gorgeous New Zealand beaches and share those stunning moments with your friends for some envy and jealous comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to take your Santa hat with you.

Christmas for Professionals:

Christmas for business professionals

Ok, Christmas is usually seen as a getaway occasion from work routine for if you are one of those nutty workhorses looking for some practical deals everywhere, you can surely find many great deals in the Kiwi land.

Businesses especially online businesses like web design, development, e-commerce stores, etc. roll-out special Christmas deals and discounts to attract entrepreneurs and professionals.

You can too benefit from one of these deals while enjoying the exquisite Christmas vacation in the Kiwi land.

Wrapping Up:

New Zealand is an amazingly beautiful and stunning destination to celebrate this year Christmas. The gorgeous island nation has a lot to offer to visitors from around the world. So, if you are planning to visit the Kiwi Land this Christmas, be prepared for some real thrill and fun at one of the most vivid and enchanting places in the world.


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