Done with the Christmas Eve Parties – It’s Time to Get Prepared for Boxing Day Shopping Frenzy!

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The Boxing Day is almost here and once you are done with your Christmas evening parties and dinners, you should probably start preparing for a shopping frenzy next morning.

Boxing Day – Getting Some Insights

Well, the origin of Boxing Day is disputed as well as its purpose. However, what we do know about Boxing Day is that it is the next day after Christmas eve and originated in Victorian Era Britain. It is celebrated throughout the Commonwealth nations including UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Over the years, the day has been transformed into a shopping gala, where businesses throw some serious promotions and discount deals.

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So, are you ready to brace the fast approaching shopping frenzy gala?

Here, we will be sharing ideas to loot at sales this Boxing Day.

Getting Ready for Shopping Gala:

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Ok, the Christmas parties are going to end soon and we are pretty sure you must have had many gift vouchers and cash collected over the Christmas.

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The Boxing Day is a good time to spend those gift vouchers and cash.


Boxing Day isn’t the most convenient day for faint-hearted shoppers and you need to bargain hard for the best deal.

Start preparing your list of items fast and get ready to bargain the hell out of the businesses.

  1.  Online Shopping

The biggest trade-off for Boxing Day is the hard-bargained and time-intensive shop deals. However, nowadays many retailers are offering online shopping spree for customers who like to shop from the comfort of their homes.

According to a public affair manager of a large retail group in NZ, Boxing Day sales are fast becoming the norm today and businesses are offering mega-discounts and promotions for the day. In fact, many retailers open up the online shopping discounts for Boxing Day as soon as the shops get closed on the Christmas evening.

The efficiency of online businesses can be mind-wobbling for many; for those businesses are able to completely overall website designs NZ from Christmas to Boxing Day in a matter of few hours.

Nonetheless, if you are homey and like to avail sales promotions online, start looking for promotions right after the Christmas evening. Remember, the stock will be limited and you might not be able to get the desired product the next day.

  1. Shopping at Shop

Obviously, online shopping isn’t well-suited to everyone and there are always items that you want to try before purchase. Moreover, often there is no exchange or refund offered for discounted products, so it’s a better idea to try products before hands.

The key to successful Boxing Day shopping here is an early arrival at stores of your choice. Often there are limited units offered at discount by retailers and you don’t want to get late here.

Check out the opening time of store – Many retail stores might start trading an hour or two earlier in Boxing Day than normal days. Ideally, you need to check-in before 10 for the best deal.

However, before you pack-up to loot the sale at Boxing Day, get ready to experience some rough shopping. Last year in New Zealand, customers have had to wait half an hour to escape from car parking. Moreover, there was also an accident reported on Boxing Day last year. So, be prepared for some rough shopping experience and pack-up your cell phone batteries and probably iPad as well.

Get Ready for the Count Down:

The countdown to Boxing Day has begun and once you’re done with the parties get ready to loot amazing discounts and promotions. Timely decision and early arrival are two key to crack the best deal on Boxing Day.

However, as a word of caution just be sure to take safety measure and patient in your approach. Last year, three accident crashes were reported in Hamilton alone. So, before you dance to the beat of shopping gala, make sure you are level headed and patient in your approach.


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