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Must-Know Website Design Principles for Every Entrepreneur

Some people consider website design as something that is solely the responsibility of the website designer. But in reality website designing is something that everyone needs to know. Whether you’re starting out as an Entrepreneur or you own a small business, you need to learn some basic principles of website designing to help you create a sustainable business.

Here are some tips for young Entrepreneurs that can help create better websites.

Optimize the images:

No matter how brilliant your images are, if they are not optimized for the web, users won’t wait to load for full images to load. Slow-loading pages are pretty annoying, and the main reason for slow-loading pages is huge images. Simply, optimize your images with Photoshop or couple of other online image optimization tools.

Use relevant graphics:

Mostly, the site owners don’t realize the power of graphics. My friend, who owns a website design agency NZ is a brilliant Entrepreneur but the only thing he lacked was graphic designing. I asked him to hire a graphic designer and from that day onwards his website bounce rate dropped to around 26% right from 65%.

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Basic layouts still rule:

No need to go for that complex design you saw the other day. Now is the time to kill that belief and move on. A little scrolling won’t hurt a bit. You need to keep all the things simple for the simple to understand. Everything needs to be laid out in a way that customers don’t require a second thought of where they want to go and what they want to do.

Use the white space wisely:

The white space is no doubt one of the most under-rated features that Entrepreneurs consider of any use. Once you understand what and how this white space can be used. White space is not just for the paper. You need to use white space to focus the attention of the customer on things that are really important.

Sans Serif fonts create a magic:

These are magical fonts that highlight class and quality for the website. Sans create a psychological element of trust among the users which help them make better buying decisions.

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Limited fonts:

It is not okay to test and try various fonts on your website. The best approach is to use limited fonts so that the customers can relate to your website with the fonts. The suggested amount is 2-3 fonts. That is it. No need to use anymore fonts. Make them look professional and use persuasive call-to-action fonts to increase the number of leads on your website.

Don’t be greedy:

No need to act greedy. My friend who owns a website design agency NZ thought that putting up ads on the website will make him some extra money. Instead, it went south. His bounce rate increased from 23% to 85%. He dropped the idea of ads and bounced rate went back to normal. If you really want to place some ads, use a specific section for the ads. Place the ads there so people know that these are paid ads.

Website Design Principles

Do A/B testing:

A/B testing is not just a buzz word. You need to test your website on multiple platforms and mobile devices. Ensure that the design looks okay on every platform. The usability doesn’t suffer. You need to plan out things for every user and for every platform. Get your website fixed and ask for feedback from your friends.

Write content that users want to read:

Write content that your users want to read. Use engaging topics to grab the attention of your user. Make sure you integrate the user need with your product and show that in your content.

To wrap it all up

Website designing is one sure way to stick users on your website. The above tips will help all the Entrepreneurs to think like a designer and make the necessary changes in their websites.

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