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Confused What to Post on SnapChat? 6 insanely Simple Ways on How to Use SnapChat for Business

It only happens few times that an app or a website takes over our social life and
engages us in ways we cannot imagine.

Where businesses create milestones on the new platforms. But still, there are
some businesses who need some help in using the new platforms.

Snapchat is one app that created magnificent ripples in the personal lives of
people as well as businesses who had a low budget to send on their marketing.

Businesses aren’t used to applications that build engagement without building a
portfolio of content. Demystify the use of Snapchat in marketing with these 5
ways to use Snapchat for business.

1) Share the little Wins

As a business, it is best to treat your business as a personality. When you have a
business personality, people will be able to relate to your business.
And people love to hear success stories.

What to Post on SnapChat

Share your little wins on SnapChat. These are defining moments of your business.
And if you share the success, people will be able to relate to your brand in an
emotional manner.

Don’t worry about sharing the perfect stories. It is not about what to post or
SnapChat, it is about what is the intensity with which you’re sharing the things.

2) Offer Exclusive Discounts

If you’re a small business or just starting out, make sure you offer something
valuable to the customer on your SnapChat.

Sharing exclusive discounts is one sure-shot way to create engagement for your
business and let the users come back for more.

Don’t give it all away at once, keep the element of surprise while offering
discounts on your account.

3) Reward the most loyal customers

Another thing to post on SnapChat is to reward your customers on daily or weekly

You can reward the new followers by offering discounts on their first order with
you. This will rapidly spread the word in the market and people will start following
you for sure.

Rewarding your customers will keep them coming for more.

4) Promote other social media platforms too

One brilliant way to use SnapChat is to combine it with other social media

For instance, ask your followers to send you a message on Instagram to avail
exclusive discounts.

Instruct them to post to Instagram with a specific hashtag or to your Facebook
business page with certain specifications, in order to get a discount or prize.
Tell them to comment on a particular post and in a particular way and you will
send them a coupon.

In this way, you will be able to generate some real followers on every social media

If you’re just starting out on SnapChat you will need a solid following, and this tip
will not only create engagement but additionally create some buzz around the
social media.

5) You can drive traffic to your website

Use Snapchat to drive traffic to your website, but consider that it’s not necessarily
some valuable purchase channel. Just simply as with Instagram pictures,
memories, and even blog posts, Snapchat does not need to assist you too can
include clickable links. You can take the visitors to visit targeted landing pages,
but they should be to the point, or convenient to repeat and even library paste
into their browser.

Should you do intend to realize Snapchat and even online traffic, the choice to
drop history to produce a quick survey need of the customer, products, or
individual testimonial. Add URL in every post, with regard to members to visit if
they need to find out more. And/or, you can keep them reveal their very own
ideas on some weblog submit with the commentary section.

There are thousands of purposes of Snapchat for a business enterprise, to share
with, train, activate, elegance or all the above. The fast and even critical basis
with the working platform adds up to some fresh new fresh version of the
proposal together with the audience. Use Snapchat to offer information which
members look forward to visiting, and are generally too self-conscious to

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