Website Design NZ – Best fonts to use in 2021

Website Design NZ – Best fonts to use in 2021
Website Design NZ – Best fonts to use in 2021

Website designing majorly impacts a user experience in the form of typography. It is an artistic expression and a technical form of communication you can enjoy on your website. It helps you emphasise important aspects of your website design NZ and takes away attention from other parts of the website. There are various creative typography trends that could influence user experience in 2021, some of them are as follows:

  • Pick’n’Mix

This typography type has gained popularity in print design previously. But Pick’n’Mix has introduced a scrapbook effect that lets you combine two different fonts or more together. They must work well together. Besides, this typography trend requires a particular finesse to be able to use on your website. Overlapping text on websites can make big trouble for your SEO NZ.

  • Humanizing Serifs

The creative uses of serifs were widely used by the people as it looks more minimal and is typically easier to read. However, people are finding Serifs to be more personal in nature and companies are using them to tell more vibrant brand stories which is great for website design NZ for a lot of businesses. People who know how to use serifs well can really create some personalized and consequently more lasting impressions with typography.

  • Outline Fonts

Outline fonts are basically typography that includes a transparent fill. These are usually written to emphasize the outline better. Outline fonts are often used at the very front of web pages to make them a centre of attention. Carefully use the outline fonts, as they work well if you use them as a way to emphasize a particular phrase or word. Using too many outline fonts will lose its ability to emphasize a word, but further, have a higher likelihood of getting lost in the background. Thus, users might not be able to read them.

  1. Chunky Type with Overlays 

The chunky type with overlays is quite the most popular. This is often used for hero images and further creates an interesting and appealing visual that captures the eye immediately. For this trend, you should use some interesting images to overlay with the text. By using large and chunky fonts, you can make your website looks creative and interesting. It can be used sometimes with SEO NZ strategies. It shows a much more interesting design story that merges the power of text and imagery together.

  1. Hand Drawn

Calligraphy has been interesting and hand-drawn typography. In 2021, it is going to be quite popular as it has that bit of uniqueness and grunge aesthetic to anything you apply it with. In fact, hand-drawn typography is a lot easier to manipulate according to the type of branding you want your Website design NZ to have. Moreover, you can make it more feminine by incorporating more cursive. On the other hand, you can make it feel more casual by using elements like a brushstroke.


Do not avoid these typography trends for web design in 2021, as it is considered the main form of communication.