Get to know the new SEO features by Google

Get to know the new SEO features by Google

Today, the web design has increasingly become the trend, and so do the Search Engine Optimization. An additional feature in the Google search console brings a host of new features for SEOs and businesses to use.

The search console of Google is the most important tool of SEO NZ that can track the performance of your website in the search results. Also, it will show you problems with your website’s indexing in Google, security issues, backlinks, and more. To get the most of the information provided by Search Console, you can link accounts for each one together.  Google’s recent update enhances current features while bringing a few useful new ones to the trend.

New Interface

Marketers are aware of the importance of how a business project makes a good visual first impression. Appearances are not everything, but updates in search console are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Now, Google search features include control over who can access their GSC data. Users can manage the permissions from the homepage and link new users and share data. This makes sharing your data with team members, or a third party like SEO Services in India, easier.

New Performance Report Features

Google Search Console was positively received upon launch. Thus, the biggest disadvantage of this feature is that it only provides a snapshot of how, and with what, users were engaging with on your page. On the other hand, it provides you the ability to see your website’s performance over a wider range of times in the Performance Report. The report is set by default and shows key metrics data over the last three months and track total clicks, total impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and average position for your web design Auckland.

Updated Performance Data

Now, Google Search Console has the ability to provide the freshest performance data. While its data was once up to 2 days old, its data can be up to less than a day old depending on the location of the search. In this, the data is still partial, but the program can show very recent trends in the performance of websites.

New Index Features

Page indexing is a crucial step in the ranking process of Google. The more transparent a company is with its indexing process the better off everyone will be in the long run. Google search features have always involved index monitoring, but the page Index Coverage covers a far larger range of possible errors, suggests fixes. All this can provides a greater range and depth of data on your pages.

New Optimization Features

Making data easier to access and examine provides a lot of material for the site optimization to the services of SEO Auckland. It offers a detailed breakdown of search queries, listing keywords with their relevant metrics. This can show you which keywords are working well for you and which pages are doing well in one metric but less so in another. You can also optimize the search query. Clicking on a keyword will bring up the page and provides a better idea of improvement in the page’s performance.