Galaxy A8 might not be the most pleasant news for Samsung!


The recently launched Samsung A8 might not be the most pleasant news for the smartphone giant. Well, that isn’t because A8 comes with compromised quality, rather interestingly the bad news of the company is actually the too tempting features, exquisite design, and robust make of this smartphone makes it a better deal than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series.

Recently launched A8 is surely one big leap from Samsung to introduce a premium smartphone in mid-price category. The smartphone comes equipped with almost all premium features of a flagship device at almost half the price ($799) against its flagship Galaxy S9 which costs nearly $1399 in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the midst of all shining, and complex feature apps, most of the users only bother about the camera quality, smooth execution of apps, and a flawless intriguing design.

Well, A8 does this better than most!


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