Essential Software for Top Graphic Design NZ Companies

Essential software for top graphic design NZ companies
Essential software for top graphic design NZ companies

Graphic design NZ is the face of all online commerce platforms. The right software is essential, whether an artist is drawing something by hand on a tablet, photoshopping pictures, or crafting a unique marketing page. Both paid and free options are available in the market but it is difficult to decide the best program. To help make things easier, there are certain design software programs that are as follows:

  • Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a flexible and accessible tool. It is a great option for any type of SEO NZ or graphic design, including web mockups, logos, illustrative artwork, and more. It requires vector graphics to help designers create outstanding lines to resize images.

The software has Compact storage that helps you send different design projects through email. It is a fully customizable user interface to change the setup of your design space. Also, it can work across all devices. The biggest disadvantage is that it costs more than other vector design tools and too large to use lots of device storage.

  • InkScape

Inkscape is the free version of Adobe Illustrator. It is another form of vector graphics design program that can create adjustable, resizable, and transferrable works without distortion. Generally, this software is preferred by beginners or those who do graphic design as a hobby.

The software includes an open-source coding or can constantly be improved and updated. There are various different plugins already available and equipped with preset filters, and freeform text options. The biggest disadvantage of the Graphic design NZ tool is that it can be a little slow and get bogged down by larger projects. It is Mac compatible and can transfer to and from Illustrator for group projects.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most well-known design software in the world. It is primarily used for photo editing on PCs, desktops, and mobile devices. Its user interface is top-notch, and they have dashboard layouts according to your project.

This is open-source software that allows you to download a free version of the program. It is continuously synchronized with Adobe Creative Cloud that provides you to access more tools and edit different layers of animated or live video layers. The biggest disadvantage is that you need to subscribe to the creative cloud. 

  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite

The CorelDraw Graphics Suite is an extensive collection of smaller design tools and programs. It helps you to handle any type of graphics or illustrative project with this package including photo editing, web mockups, drawing, and more. This is a professional-grade product with a heavy price tag and lots of available payment options.

The software has over 4,000 fonts, templates, gradients, and other design tools. It is easy to customize UI and change everything from the color scheme to layout. Also, it allows for flawless transfers from PCs to desktops and mobile devices. The biggest disadvantage is that the mobile application is paid and must be purchased separately for tablets. It is a complex suite that might be challenging for beginning designers.