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Technology inadvertently has taken over our lives. We have become programmed to deal with our lives using applications from the web, app store. New Zealanders are fast picking up the trends of online dependence, and a recent survey showed that children and adults alike are dependent on social media for decision making regarding their eating out, their shopping and even what they prefer to wear. Considering the trend, the influencers have a got great hold over the decisions.

The app store download trend

New Zealand, a quaint country is picking up the wonders of the digitized world, and this is why the recent trends show an increased amount of app downloads from the Google Play store. Many, online businesses are looking to create a better way to reach out to their customers, that is more personalized and customer-centric. Creating and launching appropriate applications regarding your business helps in providing customer-centered services. This application helps in identifying the needs and demands of the consumer and then deliver the relevant service that has been tailored.

Considering the insights, New Zealand’s app store trend can be concluded as follows:

  1. PUBG Mobile- This belongs to the category of Action
  2. Wish-shopping made fun- The application pertains to the Shopping category.
  3. Facebook Messenger- Social app for messaging and communicating.
  4. Data Clock- An application that helps in enhancing productivity.
  5. Netflix- An application that provides you entertainment
  6. Spotify Music- An entertainment application available on Google App Store, used popularly for audio and video.
  7. Knife Hit- An arcade game as play store app.
  8. Baseball Boy- An app store arcade game.
  9. 1Line-Puzzle-An application for teasing your brain.
  10. Instagram-A social application.

Application trends that will drive the search on Google App store


Business Uses of Play Store

Considering the trend in New Zealand, we see an inclination towards entertainment in the form of gaming, shopping and audio and other entertainment applications. The businesses need to focus on these trends to harness the customer potential. The top trends that are going to be the critical drivers for the app store considering the New Zealanders inclination are:

  1. People will be looking for applications that will help simplify shopping for them. Their major area of concern would be businesses that offer same day delivery. Grocery shopping which is a must will need to be catered to with a single click, and this is where relevant, retail applications will come into play. So if you are grocery store and looking to increase your customer outreach, you need to have your app developed and SEO game strong so that you can reach out to customers.
  2. Personalization is going to play a crucial role. Businesses that offer the opportunity to their users to personalize products are going to prosper, and this is going to be, a key here.
  3. Television is going online, with many service providers are now providing an opportunity to watch programmes online through Internet, the role of satellites is going to mitigate.
  4. The focus is going to be on the local brands. So the local brands can get a chance to impress and reach out to the customer through a relevant Google store App.
  5. People are already talking about your brand online. Why not give them a platform from where they can discuss and respond to you about your brand? Creating an application will help them in getting a platform where they can review or comment your brand. You can then alter your service or tailor it according to needs and requirements. Also introducing hashtags can help you keep track of your brand.
  6. Having chatbots that help your customer with regards to the products and services that you are providing is quite helpful. Having chatbots as a part of your web app is going to enhance your position as a retailer.

Why your business needs a Google Play Store App?

Play Store Uses By Business

Since we see more and more, New Zealanders are taking to the internet for all kind of possible needs and requirements, so it makes sense that you need to be present for them whenever they might need you. The reasons you need an application for your business are:

  1. It gives you visibility. Your customers need to know about your presence, and this is why you need to have an app. 86% of the consumers prefer to buy your products and services through your app rather than doing it through your website.
  2. A Google App is a direct marketing channel to your customers. You can easily reap benefits with higher customer conversion and increased sales.
  3. Customer Engagement can also be enhanced using the app from the app store. People find it more comfortable and easy to use. The services are more streamlined than the ones provided through the web.
  4. Having an app can cement your relationship with your customers and hence increasing customer loyalty.

New Zealand, is a growing marketplace with a serious potential for retail industry, be it gaming, fashion or food. Therefore, having a live app available for download from the Google Play store is going to guarantee, customer loyalty and penetrating customer outreach. The app allows the consumers to access required businesses on the go and this increases customer conversion and warrants a steady stream of income.


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