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7 Awesome Black Friday Marketing Campaigns Tips for Online Businesses!

Black Friday is just around the corner and stakes have risen high. Businesses are busy planning best black Friday campaigns to attract customers, while customers are getting high on discounts they could avail.

If you aren’t much into the origin of Black Friday, it basically represents the Friday before Thanksgiving. The day has its roots in America, where people are given off on Friday falling before the Thanksgiving Monday, essentially giving them 4 days long weekend. Local shoppers started marketing big by offering lucrative discounts on Christmas shopping (which falls within a month of thanksgiving).

With time, it became the largest shopping event in Western World and a tradition in rest of the world. Many businesses start their marketing campaign for the big day weeks ahead of the event. Besides getting ready for the big event, businesses invest in designing most lucrative black Friday marketing campaigns, competing peers in the industry.

This year, Black Friday is falling on Friday 24th and the counting has already begun. If you haven’t yet decided your marketing campaign it’s high time to start one now. Digital marketing campaigns will give you unparalleled reach and visibility beyond your thinking.

Here we will be sharing top 7 digital marketing campaigns to lure more customers this Black Friday.

Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Free Trial

This sale promo idea is ideally suited to businesses offering services, rather than products. Customers will be after new, better and affordable services and this is the best time to grow your portfolio. Offer week-long free services as a trial. This will lure more customers to your business and if they really liked your services, you can be sure of getting large customer base for the coming year.

New Product Launch

There is no better time to launch a new product than the shopping spree on Black Friday. Businesses tend to keep their latest product hidden until Black Friday as a way to attract customers. If you are planning to launch a new product, start marketing big. Create a buzz in digital market by throwing in some sensational sneak peeks into the product. This will give you an unbelievable response on the big day.

Hourly Deals

Plan hourly deals throughout the day. Well, large businesses literally throw in everything to plan out hourly deals not just for Black Friday but for the whole week long. Offer some amazing discounts on specific products with hourly deals. This will let customers guessing about the next deal, as they keep coming back to your store. Social media platforms are a great way to market your hourly deals, just keep posting more ads each hour and get ready to embrace a shopping spree at your site.

Loyalty Perk

Regular customers or signed-up customers are important for any online business. Black Friday is a great way to say thanks to those loyal customers who trust your products and services all year long. Bring in some mystery deals and discounts for this loyal customer-base. You don’t need to market these deals and discounts in public, rather simply drop an email or newsletter. This will be a great way to attract more loyal subscriber and retain current subscribers.

Keep the best offer for the last moment

You really don’t need to panic for customers. There are enough shoppers for the liking of all brands and stores. However, you could use tactics to stand-out by simply delaying your best offer. Keep the promotions rolling gradually through-out the day and roll-out your best deal in the last; when other stores have exhausted their stock. This will give you unmatched brand recognition and visibility.

Social Freebies

Little giveaways can go a long way in terms of brand recognition and customer loyalty. When planning a marketing campaign for Black Friday, keep some freebies for social media fanatics. Social media is an ideal platform to increase your customer base beyond apprehension. Create some tempting freebie offers and make them subscribe to your business to avail the offer. This will help you with future marketing campaigns all year long.

Sneak Peaks

Ok, the essence of any marketing campaign is to create a buzz in the market before launch. Black Friday is well suited for that sort of buzz. Start running some bustling and intriguing marketing ads giving a sneak peek of planned promotions. This will make them subscribe to your business for latest deals and promotions.

To sum it all up:

Well, to sum up the most tempting campaigns for this Black Friday real quick; you got to be generous, innovative and open. Hold nothing behind and plan an all-inclusive and captivating deals that lure customers to your store. Remember, you got tough competition out there and you need some strengths of your own to stand-out amongst the lot.

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