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Cracking the Nut – 5 Important Aspects of a Viable and Practical Business Plan!

A well-researched and thoughtful business plan might not lead to the business success, however, it certainly gives a boost to viable business ideas.

Not all great business plans end up with a successful implementation, however, almost all successful businesses initially started with a well-researched and practical business plans.

Business plans form the essence of your whole business idea. It basically delivers a multi-approached solution to any business start-up. Firstly, it helps to bring together the management team towards mutual consent and common goals. Secondly, it serves as an ideological paper that motivates and pushes the entire team to work towards a common goal. Lastly, it is your business marketing document; crafted with utmost consciousness and thought-process to lure potential investors who want to skim through the entire business model at one go.

To be honest, drafting a business plan is a long, thought & money intensive procedure. The price tag for an efficient and effective business plan may range anywhere $10,000 to $50,000. This includes the market research, financial analysis, legal expertise and much more. At the end of the process, you have a well-documented business proposal that might extend to 40 to 50 pages; enough to document complete business model and short enough for professional investors to skim through.

Here are few aspects to consider for drafting an effective business plan:

  1. The Highlights

What’s unique about your business? What are you offering that differs from businesses already existing in the marketplace? How’re you going to sustain in short term and long term? How you plan to evolve the business with time?

These are some typical questions you need to consider and integrate into the business plan. These will form the foundation “highlights” of your business plan, over which the entire document will be drafted.

Remember, you need to incorporate as many questions as possible and answer them as efficiently as possible when documenting the plan.

  1. Know your target audience

Before you even think about drafting a business plan, figure out the precise audience you want to target. The single biggest harm you can do to business is to forget about the target audience.

Every business revolves around the potential market and target audience. Look at any business plan template freely available and you’ll see the importance of connecting with the audience. Even the free business plan templates comprise important points that relate to target customers.

  1. Business Plan versions for investors and Team

A business plan serves multiple business needs, thereby you need to have different versions it. The business plan for investors needs to incorporate target sales and growth predictions. The team version of the business plan will alternatively comprise of technical problems and growth goals to achieve.

  1. Market Research

Any business start-up without adequate and thorough market research is vulnerable to failure. One of the most important aspects you’ll find in free business plan template will be the detailed market analysis of competitors, growth potential, and limitations. Market research will reveal the survival chances of business in a cut-throat competitive industry. It will also serve as a practical guide towards strengths and limitations of your business. This is one of the most time and cost intensive aspect of any well-drafted business proposal and you need to crack it the right way.

  1. Professional Review

Your friends and peers aren’t in a position to review your business proposal professionally. You got to entrust the business professionals and industry experts to go carry out a critical analysis of your business proposal. It is impulsive to reach out to those professionals and ask them for a favour.

Don’t be offended by the critical review of the plan, rather take the criticism as a motivational and learning experience. This will serve as the epitome of knowledge, which will benefit your business growth in years to come.

Last Words:

A business plan is the blueprint model of your thoughts, ideas, and proposals. It serves as the motivational document for the team to revitalize their efforts towards a common goal, as well as, a financial document made to lure investors to invest in your business. Don’t be afraid of time and cost intensive process because at the end of the day this will be your business guide towards success and growth.


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