What are the most popular UX trends of Website design in Christchurch

What are the most popular UX trends of Website design in Christchurch?

User experience is highly evolving today. With the regular up-gradation of technologies, UX is increasingly impacted by augmented reality, 3D technology, and frameless devices. The professionals of Website design Christchurch are constantly trying new approaches to create a truly mesmerizing UX design that offers matchless functionality. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Voice Powered Design

With voice technology gaining maturity, voice-based assistants have already become routine in our daily lives. Enhancing the quality of voice interaction, a voice-first design believes in a multi-modal interface that leads to an uninterrupted interaction. 

  • Feelings-based Design

The role of this design is to bridge technology with human experience by using emotions. Using personalized emoticons and emojis will create a great impact on the strategies of SEO Auckland. Personalized experience has proven to be exponentially effective in e-commerce, app design, email marketing, and automation tools for marketing. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

The boom of augmented reality in User Experience is the most significant trend. It helps you perform complex surgeries, as there is no limit to what AR can do. Now, AR holds an important place when it comes to UX. It is increasingly used to provide a real feel of how the end product will look like. 

  • Frameless, Infinite Experiences

A frameless experience provides the privilege to view photos and videos from a whole new level. These changing desires of users must be considered by the designers of Website design Christchurch who are working on UX of a website, app, or any software system. They must create a design that makes the maximum use of the screen space, and deliver a rich content experience.


UX is regularly changing and new trends are replacing existing ones. With the consistent growth of new devices and technologies, designers have changed the way they do UX completely.