Website design Auckland and web development- A right choice

Website Design Auckland and Web Development- A Right Choice

Today, creating a digital presence for your business has become the most essential task. There are already so many online businesses that are offering a particular type of products or services. With every company striving to gain an audience, web marketing becomes a necessity for successful brands.

But before focusing on marketing, you need a Website design Auckland that will act as a central hub for your operations. It will help the visitors and potential customers to find you. For this, you need to understand the basic difference between web design and development, that are as follows:

  • Expectations

While building a website, you must know why you need a developer and a designer at the same time. In some cases, both of them perform multi-tasking by considering SEO Auckland. But this often leads to having overlapping skill sets, especially while browsing freelance platforms, where competition is tough.

  • A Designer is Like an Architect

In website building, you need a web designer who performs tasks like an architect in construction. The web designer will transform your ideas of the type of website you intend to create into a design. He/she will design your website based on how you want the site to serve you and your clients.

The web design is handed over to the web developer like an architectural drawing is given to the builder. Later, the web developer gives life to the design. They will be involved from the scratch of the project.

  • The Wireframe and Prototype

A good designer must understand your goals, your brand personality, and your budget as a client to balance all those needs with the users who must be able to maneuver the site flawlessly. Typically, the web designer delivers an initial wireframe which is a layout of the elements of each web page. Then, they will use the frame to create graphics and images for the site using a design program.

The web designer creates a prototype and mimics how everything on the page will work through the functional interface. These are the main responsibilities that a developer fulfills.

  • Coding

Equipped with the prototypes from the web designer, the web developer comes in to implement the design. With this, the developer has to create programs and applications to bring functionality to web designs. He then provides coding that makes websites work.

Similarities between web Design and Web Development 

Getting expertise in website design Auckland and web development to the highest levels is not a simple task. Even after this, there are people who can do both tasks. Most companies prefer having dedicated designers who transfer designs to the developers. Both designers and developers work hand in hand to create well laid out and user-friendly websites.


These two professions, web designing, and web development require different skills. A designer who understands coding can easily communicate better on the website functionality to the web developer. Vice versa, the developer can code a more user-friendly website. Now, you can create a better version of your website.