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SMS Marketing Service New Zealand

Our pioneering telecommunications technology based company helps you to achieve your business objectives as we provide solutions from our location, based in New Zealand.

Our motive is to create the solutions that delivers ultimate success. We have an amalgam of experienced team, holding immense business knowledge and modified technological work equipment to generate actual business solutions for clients and industry throughout the globe.

We promise our group is always prepared for the competitive challenges as we research with new or current technologies to get your business soaring with profits. We advise you to examine our website to see what is going on and communicate with us to know further about your needs in accordance with the project.

The enthusiastic land of New Zealand provides rapid technological advancement. The development shows the alacrity of internet-based text messaging technology which has provided an excellent prospect of opportunity for small and medium sized businesses.

If you are looking for methods and techniques to expand your business through messaging technology, we can design specified solutions for your particular needs. Furthermore, if you are eager to expand your product or service sales, experience an increase in client's loyalty and participation of your audience, everything can be attained by small and medium-sized businesses via this technology.

SMS Marketing Service Starlinks Offer

Person to person (P2P) Messaging

Person to Person messaging (P2P) is a service that will deliver two-way SMS or MMS messaging. P2P messages are general conversations between two users, surveys and group messaging.

Our competitive team builds P2P applications to produce highly efficient solutions for clients and business firms.

We deliver flexible P2P messaging platform as our innovative system is ready to boost your P2P marketing promotions and offer full customer support as it starts. We can make and automate every conversation that is required to expand your business successively.

Application to Person (A2P) Messaging

A2P messaging is a one-way SMS service in which receivers are not able to reply to the message. It can be used for, but not limited to, marketing messages, notifications, appointment reminders and pin codes.

These limitations have delivery problems that clients should be aware of. For instance, message filtering by receiver carriers or delayed message delivery can be a problem. However, our team and network of all the key operators across the world will always discover a tactic to deliver the best solution, regardless of the problem you are facing.

(MMS) Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) or Picture Messaging is a usual method to send messages that include multimedia contents. Unlike SMS, MMS can send a wide range of items and media including up to minutes of video, an image, a slideshow of several pictures or audio.

Our team has the capability to deliver the power of MMS to make new applications for your products or services. The marketing service with this method is the most useful since your audience is most likely to be attracted by it. For example, you can send image-based tickets, entry permits, trivia questions and more directly to your customer's cell phone.