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Premium Quality School Logo Design and Full School Branding Services in New Zealand

You need to implement an effective branding strategy for the marketing of your school. At Starlinks, we can help you with a strong and exclusive school branding that will make you stand out amongst the competition.

  • Exclusive school logo design that reflects the philosophy and values of your school
  • A consistent branding approach for optimum marketing results
  • High school logo designs that fit precisely for all marketing material from website to signage
  • Highly competitive pricing that gives you full worth of your money
  • Facilitating schools with brand management
  • Transforming low-resolution school logo design samples to high resolution and vector formats

Exclusive school logo design services - Scripting the unique story of schools

Each school has a unique story and a distinct standing. At Starlinks, we create stunning school logo designs that reflect that story in the most exquisite manner. Our experienced and dedicated designers have had designed some of the most exquisite school logos that communicate strong and consistent emotions and relates instantly with the overall school virtues.

We are one of the few logo design firms in Auckland, New Zealand with an exclusive department for school logo design services. Our extensive and dedicated experience in the industry means you can trust our services to give you an elated and outstanding logo design of school that gives maximum visibility and consistent branding to your school.

Some of our services include:

  • New school logo design
  • Private school logo design
  • Islamic school logo design
  • School batch logo design
  • High school logo design
  • Primary school logo design
  • Much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We have a flat and quite a simple logo design of our school. Can you guys fix that?

Certainly, we can.

One of our strongest service in “logo redesign”, where we take low-resolution old logos of school and masterfully transform them into a vector format. From there onwards, we can twist and play with the logo as per your needs and requirement. You can simply send us your old school logo design and we will transform into a branded school logo in no time and you’ll be able to use that across all marketing material; from website to signage without compromising on quality.

Q. Would I be able to use the new school logo design anywhere I want?


At Starlinks, our designers understand that school logos needed to be used at various places from website to signage and from uniforms to textbooks and many other places. Thereby, while designing new school logos, we make sure that the design is intimidating yet flexible and can easily be used across all platforms needed.

Q. how much time you would need to design my new school logo design template?

It mostly depends upon the complexity of the work required. For most school logo designs we require at least 10 working days to complete the work, however, it may vary from logo to logo. We would, however, inform you with the time required at the very beginning of the project.