Latest Trends in Graphic Design Auckland

Latest Trends in Graphic Design Auckland

In the last few years, the designs have been dominated by mind-bending gradients, bold colors, and futuristic compositions. But today, the world of graphic design Auckland is going to feel a lot more reserved, harmonious, and natural. Design styles have become a common tactic used by massive corporations. 

There are some common trends in graphics that every company must use, including:

1. Muted color pallets – Designers and brands are stepping back from the vivid and bold color trends of last year, towards more muted color palettes. Simply, muted colors have been slightly desaturated with black, white, or a complete color. 

2. Color gradients –Gradients are going to be a major trend in the graphic design Auckland. Instead of being relegated to the background of the images, gradients will be used in a lot of unique ways this year. They will be added to complex illustrations that are used as a color filter and included in simple graphics to add some depth and texture. 

3. Abstract and dreamy illustrations – Simple illustrations do not have the same eye-catching power as earlier times. Embrace more imaginative, abstract, and even dreamy illustrations to really stand out in today’s age. However, as more brands started embracing simple illustrations, the uniqueness and effectiveness of the graphics have worn off. A simple hashtags can be used to make sure your message or branding is crystal clear as well.

4. Heavy and simple fonts – Usually, heavy fonts are bold or extra bold. Lots of web designing professionals seem to be using heavy fonts to create contrast and hierarchy in their designs by pairing them with a simple background or lighter font. Today, things are getting bolder, with heavily weighted fonts being used a lot more frequently. There are a ton of weights for fonts, ranging from thin to regular to bold, with a few steps in between each as well. 

5. Beautiful flowing shapes and lines – A website designer can use flowing shapes and lines to make their graphics seem down to earth, creative, and authentic. Flowing shapes can be used to convey an approachable, natural, and genuine feeling throughout your designs. Also, they pair well with other design trends, like muted colors and heavy fonts for a unique composition. 

6. Genuine and neutral stock photos – Once color trends start to shift, the trends in stock photos and images are pretty quick to follow. That means, you can expect to see a lot more muted landscapes, genuine portraits, and neutral stock photos being used today.

7. Minimalist landing pages – More brands are taking a minimalist and SEO NZ approach to their homepage. It helps them achieve better load times and compatibility with mobile devices. Especially because Google rewards pages that check both of those boxes with better spots in search rankings.

8. Better branded animations – Companies will take the time to create better and more unique branded animations this year. Animations are more eye-catching than the standards reaction GIF. Because of the overuse, reaction GIFs are about as eye-catching as a stock photo in today’s era.