Important local SEO ranking factors, you should know

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches take place on Google’s search engine and it’s not surprising that almost half of them are local searches. Thereby, if you are running a business online then Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization becomes a crucial part of building your ranking. Local SEO is one of the key elements in business’ growth that not only builds your overall local ranking of search but also drives-in more leads from your local area.

Whether you are just a beginner in building your Local SEO ranking or a pre-established firm looking for an efficient way to expand your business is necessary, you must be aware of these important factors of Local SEO Ranking discussed below.

A step towards positive ranking – When we are talking about positive ranking, Social Media is something that adds greater relevance to it. You should update your social media platforms regularly with relevant information regarding your business, product or services to keep your audience engaged. The more your audience is engaged with you, there are greater chances to get a higher reach; thereby it will automatically increase your Local SEO ranking.

A website optimized with Local SEO – Another very important factor that most people forget about is you also have to optimize your website for Local SEO. Ignoring this will be a problem as all your tips and tricks will go in vain or at least you won’t be able to get the results expected for.

Linking the organic traffic – It is more of a trust-building concept that works when another website links your website and this counts a trusted source for the Google SEO analytics. It will automatically add points to your rankings and it will be driving extra traffic from the website. But make sure you are getting organic traffic as it adds more points in your ranking scale.