How Multiple Domains can Create a Negative Impact on SEO Auckland?

How Multiple Domains can Create a Negative Impact on SEO Auckland?

A website with a different domain can either create a great or bad strategy for SEO Auckland. Remember, there are always pros and cons of having multiple domains. Multiple domains on your business website let you divide the link authority between them and further creates havoc between the companies fighting over highly searched keywords phrases. 

While using multiple domains, businesses have to brand those domains, implement it on numerous social media platforms and more. With the usage of multiple domains by the company of logo design, Google made some changes that impact the world of domain names. 

There are various issues of having various sites or multiple domains including the following:

  1. There are negligible perks of having numerous sites illustrating the same company or products. Websites can be penalized for posting similar content, even if published in different languages.
  2. In general, people tend to look up a company by name. Therefore, multiple domains can be confusing or can make it difficult for a user to find what they need.
  3. Permanence plays a significant role in terms of a domain name. The changing feature of an URL or website’s name can lower the reliability.
  4. Time and money are also required to maintain these domains and both the parameters increases with an increase in domains.
  5. Dividing the products and services on multiple sites can decrease the market influence of the company, as per the brand.


Using multiple domains can help SEO Auckland to generate unique and better experiences for the seekers. Splitting your link authority can make it challenging for you to rank in competitive spaces. Therefore, combining or keeping the websites separate requires looking at the perspective business-wise and SEO-wise and then estimating based on both the parameters to come to the final decision.