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Domain Name Registration Service New Zealand

Looking for registering a domain name for personal or business use? Starlinks, New Zealand's recognized domain name registrar, offers professional service you can rely on.

Register With Your Favorite TLDs

Unique Domain Names

These Unique gTLDs (generic top-level domains) are global TLDs. Create unique URLs or define your business. Examples: .trade, .media, etc.

Country Code TLDs

The ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) are the best for connecting with clients in specific locations. For examples: .NZ (New Zealand) or .AU (Australia).

Generic TLDs

The gTLDs (generic top-level domains) are TLDs with the worldwide recognition that targets the customer from all over the world. For example: .com, .net and .biz.

Domain Tools Starlinks Offers

  • Bulk Domain Registration
  • Domain Transfer
  • Bulk Domain Transfer
  • Whois

Cheap Domain Name Registration New Zealand

Starlinks offers domain name registration service and also provides bulk URL registration. We help you to save time by registering up to 100 website names in a single click. Use our Bulk Registration service for registering multiple domain names.

You can contact our support specialist over a phone, via email or meet our team member in our office. Moreover, all your queries regarding registration, hosting and reselling will be responded promptly by our professional team members. We deliver domain registration solutions for individual and businesses all over New Zealand.

Choose a domain name with a keyword you would want or your brand name with your favorite TLDs. For instance, if you are offering real estate services in Auckland, New Zealand, make sure you include the words "real state" and "Auckland" in your domain name, e.g. "realstateauckland.nz". Call over a phone using below number or email us for further support.

How to Register a Domain Name in New Zealand

You must purchase your domain from a company you can trust. Starlinks is an ICANN Accredited New Zealand Domain Name Registrar.

You need to enter your desired domain name and choose your domain name TLDs. Starlinks offers more than 100 extensions including popular ones like .nz, .com, .org and other generic URL's such as .info, .net, .biz, .co.nz. We also offer other ccTLD's like .us, .co.uk, .au and .ca.

Feel free to choose any domain you wish with your favorite TLDs. They are all included in your search request, and you will also be suggested by a list of domain names available. After a successful domain registration, you can build a free five-page website with any domain name extension.

New Zealand Domain Name Registration Service Details

It all starts with your domain name. Starlinks domain name suggestion tool can help you to find the best New Zealand domain names.

Starlinks provides the ability to buy domain names, register your favorite domain name with preferred TLDs. With Starlinks you can also search the most popular domain names.

Starlinks also provides easy website builder, offers New Zealand domain name registration, New Zealand Web Hosting, website building, search engine optimization, email marketing, SMS marketing services and much more.