Understanding the difference between Web design and web development


For most people, web design and development actually refers to the same service as they tend to use them interchangeably. However, web design and development are two distinct services with the completely different set of expertise required. Each of the two services has its own tools and skillsets, with web development more concerned with the architecture and coding of the website, while web design services more concerned with the aesthetics and functionalities of the website.

If you are one of those people who has been using these two services interchangeably, guess you are in luck today. Below we will be briefly looking at the detailed aspects of each of the two services, what they have to offer and how they actually differ from each other.

Web Design:

Last time I was looking for web design services in Perth, I made sure to get a team that’s terrific in their approach to innovative aesthetics and visuals. This means that I was more concerned to find a team with expertise and skill set in creative designs and not much into the architecture of the website. The major work for web designers is concerned with the visuals that interact with customers and not with the front-end design (that’s something developers deal). Web designers are more interested in make the website much more appealing and attractive to visitors. They primarily have the responsibility to create a design that instantly connects and interact with customers and offer them a smooth user interface.

Expert designers know how to optimally utilize different elements and components of website design to come up with an exquisite and enchanting website. They also know how to offer a simplistic yet interactive user interface (very important nowadays) so as to entice and hook traffic to the website.

So in essence, when we talk about web design services, we are actually referring to skill sets that are concerned with users’ interaction with the website. It’s all about creating the most appealing and stunning designs that actually persuade customers to take actions on the website.

Web Development:

Talking about web development services, these can be categorized into two distinctive blocks; front-end development and Back-end development.

Front-end developers work closely with designers and are responsible to create codes for visual designs. For the most part, front-end developers are experienced with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML among various other programs. All of these skill sets are required to create innovative and stylish web design layouts. Websites that are based on online templates or many simplistic websites with no complex architecture only deals with front-end development work. However, complex websites like e-commerce platforms with payment gateways require both, front-end as well as back-end development work.

Back-end development services are more programming intensive. Experts in back-end development need to have expertise in advanced programming languages. Back-end development services are more concerned with building the website’s architecture and functionalities, rather than the aesthetics of the design. They build upon the functionalities and gateways through which customers interact with the website.

So, there you have it. I am sure that by now, you must be much more aware of the differences between web design and development services. Lastly, often times an expert in web designing will have a general knowledge and understanding of front-end development as well. Similarly, a back-end developer will have the knowledge to deal with front-end development as well as some basics of designing.

About the author:

Taimoor Khan is an experienced digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience of working with international businesses. He is currently associated with Starlinks, which is a New Zealand based company offering affordable web design services in Hamilton.