The Basic Elements of a successful website design


What do you think are the compulsory requirement for your business website designing and development?

When we are talking about a business website, we refer to a marketing and advertising platform that will be used to connect with your potential customers and let them interact with your business in a bet to persuade them to make a purchase or take actions you desired.

Now, website design services should ideally be an interactive and fun experience as you finally register your own business on the infinite world of internet. However, practically there are various components and elements of web design and development services that requires precise and serious efforts. Below we will be looking at some of the basic website requirements, which you’ll need to follow to be able to come up with a successful website.

Basic Requirements for a website

Domain Name:

Ok, just like you were given the name right after your birth, the domain name represents your business name (identity) and is one of the very first tasks that you’ll need to accomplish.

Now, ideally, your domain name should reflect the business model in a unique and interactive manner. For instance, if you are looking to start affordable web design services in Auckland and Christchurch, you should come up with a name that isn’t just attractive but somehow relate to the services offered. 


Once you have the domain name, you’ll need someplace (server) to host (store) your website contents. Now, there are various types of hosting that you can choose from, however, the primary factors that will determine the right hosting for your website include the number of visitors you are expecting to your

website and the amount of space you need to store all contents of the website.


Coming to some technical aspects, you’ll need a viable and reliable platform to set up your website and there are plentiful platforms that you can choose from. However, most businesses go with a self-hosted WordPress as their preferred platforms for the website.

The reason why so many businesses prefer WordPress as a desired Platform is owed to its utility, agility, and reliability. In fact, an estimated 30% of all websites over internet use WordPress as their preferred platform. It’s an open source platform, which means it’s free for everyone and can easily be customized to meet the diversified needs of different businesses. Moreover, there are literally hundreds of thousands of free templates and plugins easily available for the platform.

Website Speed:

Getting along the technical aspects of the website, you’ll definitely want a website that’s quick to load. In an era governed by speed, slow loading websites don’t stand a chance. Ideally, the website shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load, else you’ll be losing a massive number of visitors to your site. To ensure optimum loading time make sure the fancy images and designs are optimized for web design and avoid using unnecessary videos or flashy images on the website.

SEO Friendly:

You will need your website to rank at high search engine rankings to stand any chance of a successful online business. Thereby, make sure your website is properly developed and designed in accordance with guidelines for search engine optimization or SEO.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is a life-long digital marketing specialist with a core interest in website design, development, and marketing. He is associated with a web design Perth Company and also writes frequently on latest tech from the industry.