4 Essential Components of a terrific web design!


Looking for best practices to design your online business website?

Well, you must have heard the importance of web design and how you should make sure it relates to your business model. However, do you know the important components of a great business web design?

No. We aren’t talking about the color, fonts, or functionality. Rather, we are talking about the overall structure of a web design. What are the important components that will make your website stand out from the competitors?

Although a web design might come with tens or hundreds of pages (especially websites with large databases), there are few pages more important than, Home Page, About Us, Services / Products pages and Blogs. These pages set the traction for your website to gain users’ attention and build your business recognition.

So, let’s just see how you can actually make your website users’ magnate by following a well-thought-out process.

Home Page

More often than not this will be your most visited landing page where visitors from different marketing channels will come. So, naturally, you would want to keep this page aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. To start off, the stress on home page designing should be kept on placing tactical and strong visuals across the page.

For instance, if you are going for a web design NZ home page, you would want to keep strong identity presence on the home page. Why? Because you want to show your target audience your local roots and how you can help their business gain more traction in the market with your services.

Ideally, the focus should be on visual impressions. Users nowadays don’t like to read much text. Besides, the reason they are on your website home page is to find desired services or products and not to read long messages or stories. Thereby, keep your homepage as clean and possible, keep it visually aesthetics by showing your skills and values through images or infographics. Don’t mind to place few strong Call-to-Actions strategically on your homepage, that’ll improve your conversion optimizations.

About Page

Ok, contrary to the homepage where the focus was on visual impressions, for About Us page, the focus is entirely on content. This is the place where you get to introduce with customers, by opening up your business stories (remember, don’t drag the story too long to be boring).

You should be able to utilize this page strategically as a mean to connect with the audience and by letting them know what you stand for. Let’s assume one more time that you are running a web design NZ company and are located in Auckland. The About Us page should clearly mention that you are a local business and willing to help local small businesses. This is a best-case scenario where you will be relating to customers at a personal level for instant business recognition and branding.

Services or Products Page/s

Services or products pages also need to be designed carefully, keeping in view all essential components of the page. If you are a service provider like web design NZ business, your service page should clearly demonstrate the value proposition for the service. Try to incorporate stunning visual impressions as well as some keynotes of why you are the best bet for visitors.

Contrarily, if you are a product based business model, you should keep products pages as clean as possible. There is no need for any lengthy irrelevant text (other than product descriptions against the specific product). Try to incorporate as many filters as possible, so users can easily find their items.

Blog Posts

Last but not the least, blogs are an important part of modern day web design. Not only it helps businesses get higher search engine rankings, but also help establish your business authority. Regular blogging on your website will help you gain customers’ trust and value, which in the long run will help you transform your business into a brand.