3 important component of a great graphic design


Graphic design is one skill that’s in high demand in today’s industry. Businesses are increasingly looking for professional graphic design experts who can create attention-grabbing and exquisite graphics that instantly connects businesses with the target audience.

Now, if we look around at our surroundings, we will see that we are surrounded by graphics/images all around us. An average person will see over a hundred logos, images or graphics relating to some business in his daily lives. Thereby, with such hostile and fierce competition, businesses are looking for skilled professionals who understand the peculiarities of designing and can create a lasting and impactful graphic for the brand.

So, what’s the secret behind creating the most amazing and eye-catching designs?

Well, there are certainly some important components, which needs to be balanced and maintain in order to create the most majestic and appealing graphic design and below we will be looking at those important components precisely.

–           Contrast

What’s the most crucial part of creating a great graphic design?

I asked this question with my longtime friend who happens to work with a reputed company offering great graphic design services in Auckland and Hamilton and this is what he has to say about it, “The ultimate measure of success for any graphic design is to create the perfect balance of different elements, emphasizing elements that are important and tactically placing secondary elements in the background to create sharp contrast”.

Juxtaposing two elements against one another is a great way to create idealistic contrast. By creating a sharp contrast between elements, you actually draw audience attention to important elements in the most subtle and elegant design. So, put it simply, creating contrast makes your graphic design stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are some great way to bring contrast among various design elements:

–           Fonts (Thin and Thick)

–           Color variation (dark and light)

–           Style fusion (contemporary vs traditional)

–           Textural (Smooth vs. patterned)

–           Alignment

Alignment is yet another important component of an eye-catching and successful design. By aligning different elements of a design, you actually create a sharp and specific appearance of all elements. Moreover, by following a specific alignment setting, the design actually appears cleaner and less sloppy. It’s important to note that there is no specific restriction about the alignment pattern to follow, however, you should stick to one alignment setting. For instance, you can always go with a symmetrical or an Asymmetrical alignment, just make sure every element in design follows the same alignment setting.

–           Blank space

Lastly, another important aspect of a great graphic design is the intelligent use of White Space (Blank Space). Now interestingly, this is one of the most neglected components of the design. The white spaces or what we also call Negative spaces are is one of the most important components, which has the potential to make or break the theme of the entire design. To create the great graphic design, you need to give each element of the design its breathing space (blank space), which not only give each element space to stand out but also gives the design a clean and declutter appeal.