11 Graphic Designing Tips that will help you get started


Whether you want some interactive graphics for your business website or want to design a flyer for an upcoming event, graphic design is one trade with various potential applications. Now, with virtually endless applications, there are many elements, components, and facets of graphic designs that need to be aligned and balanced properly to be able to truly master the art.

Here we have brought some best graphic design tips for you to get started with graphic designing: 

Talking about fonts – Don’t overdo the typefaces

Ok, there are some exquisitely designed fonts that might look appealing to you, but that doesn’t mean that you can use them all as you want. When it comes to choosing a font for graphics designing you should restrict your font selection to the most basic and easily readable fonts. Believe me, styled fonts aren’t well-suited with heavy graphics and can look cumbersome to readers. Ideally, the fonts from Sans Serif typeface like Calibri and Verdana are best suited to compliment your graphic design.

Give each element the breathing space

The best graphic designs are those where each element has its own breathing space. Remember, you can’t become the master of designing until and unless you master the art of using “White Spaces” (spaces in between different element of graphics). So, make sure each and every element of your design including fonts, images, lines etc. have enough space in between them to project their presence with full potential.

– Choose your colors wisely

Although the main driving factor for color selection is based on your business model or event type etc. you should ideally choose a color theme with at least 1 out of the three primary colors, which should be supplemented by at least 1 secondary color. You can play around with the tonal variation of colors to create contrast and control the brightness. More importantly, if you are using finer typefaces, you’ll need to distinguish them with a strong contrast against the background.

– Clean. Simple. Fresh.

You can create the offsets for the text color by creating different tonal variations in background images. This will give a fresh and clean appearance to your design, while the richness of colors will make it look vivid.

– Understand the feelings of Fonts

Apart from friendly reading, fonts also carry some weight for their appearance. For instance, the most common typefaces of Sans Serifs have a more geometric and hard-edged appearance, which is ideally suited to represent a strong and sophisticated look. Whereas, fonts with soft-rounded edges are usually taken for their soft, connecting and friendly look.

– Alignment of Elements

Each and every element in the design needs to be aligned in some respect. Make sure the ultimate alignment of all elements remain same until you want to create an asymmetric alignment for the design. 

– Beauty Lies in Simplicity

Ok, no one likes hefty, extravagant and flashy design – seriously. Even if back in days people used to like those flashy and grandeur designs, their days are numbered long ago. Today, people are much more inspired by simplistic designs that are made with a minimalist approach. Make sure each and every element that has made its way into the final design has some meaning and weight to it. Don’t just go for glittery appearance, rather try to come up with meaning in your designs.

-The Magic of Duplication

If you are designing a presentation of multi-page documentation, the best approach to create a consistent aesthetic across all pages is to duplicate the pages, rather than doing it over and over again. Simply create a duplicate page and modify the text or replace the images on the pages. 

– Originality and Novelty

One of the worst graphic design mistakes you can make is to try to copy or replicate another logo design. Remember, to be able to create the best graphics for your website, business proposal or presentations etc. you need to bring along new, fresh and original ideas. Ok, you can certainly take inspirations from various designs, but just don’t try to replicate those, rather come up with an inventive and original design.

 – Follow the Hierarchy

When creating a graphic design, you should never let go of the hierarchical order. Make sure that the most important elements of the design carry the most weight so that your real message can be conveyed to the audience 

– Asymmetry isn’t always bad

Nowadays, many leading graphic design agencies are willing to play around with symmetrical proposition of graphic design. Rather than going with a strict symmetrical geometry, designers are creating some mind-wobbling asymmetric graphics, challenging the decades’ old norms of symmetrical designs. So, don’t shy away to experiment with interesting asymmetrical patterns and see how things work out for you.