Hi Everyone, as you all know we are living in this technical era of technology, we all know how important digital marketing for any small or large scale business. Gone are the days when companies use to do the door-to-door marketing and the sales guys have to wait for long follow-ups meeting to make their sales deals successfully closed. With the evolution of the internet, from Online transactions to Data surfing, Digital Marketing is the next smart future of marketing in which you can market your product or service just through your Smartphone or internet. Here are the Hot essential Digital Marketing trends in 2020.


Video Marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to attract new customers to your business. In today’s busy life, hardly anyone has time to read blogs, articles or product/service content. Everyone is occupied in their own work and personal life. One great video can capture any audience’s eye in just the first 20 seconds. Nowadays, every small and big giant using this exciting marketing strategy to market their products and services within just 2-3 minute videos. This boisterous marketing is known to be one of the most promising strategies in today’s digital marketing world. After all, you must have heard the saying that —

Content is a King, But Marketing is the Queen!


Influencer Marketing is the personalized type of marketing in which influencers (people whose high amount of followers on social media) talk about your brand. Influencers would love to talk about your brand value. Since the market is noisy with the competition, these influencers help you reach your target audience effectively. These are generally showstoppers who can add to a Spark in your brand.


Content Marketing is one of the most commonly used  Marketing whether in emails, social media or either in your blogs and articles while we generally do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. A Website is generally a summary of your business which tells your business products and services systematically. Nowadays, there are millions of websites in the pool in which if you follow a good content strategy and if your website has a rich quality content blogs/Articles/latest news on a daily basis, there is a high probability of making your customer satisfied. This is the kind of strategy to make your customers or clients come to you again and again on your website for the latest trends, hacks, and news! Customer engagement is a key to win their trust and make your successful deal!


According to a recent survey reports, Instagram has 10 Billion users and customer base. Businesses must understand where their customers are spending most of their time. Target the niche market and show your dominance.



As per the recent reports, voice search is the key to the future. Recent Stanford reports state that about 38 % of people use the google voice search for the searching. It basically saves your typing time and gives you instant search results.